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Mexican Cooking Made Foolproof

Mexican COVER LAYOUT;35.inddWho doesn’t love tamales, empanadas, burritos, or enchiladas? However, the thought of making them at home sends most people running to the nearest Mexican restaurant. But does it have to be that way? Even the most basic American supermarkets now carry staple Mexican ingredients, but a lack of understanding of core Mexican cooking techniques stops most home cooks cold. Enter America’s Test Kitchen. We took a hard look at the dishes that define regional Mexican cooking, as well as the cornerstone techniques that are the reason the food is so deeply flavorful. The Best Mexican Recipes is the result of many months of work in the test kitchen and delivers 175 foolproof recipes.


All Your Favorites Perfected So You Can Cook with Confidence

Whether you want to make the best enchiladas ever (the book includes five varieties), try your hand at tamales for the first time (our simple folding method keeps things easier), or re-create the amazingly crispy, tender fried fish tacos from your favorite restaurant, this book can help. With our foolproof techniques, you’ll even be able to take on recipes like chiles rellenos and posole, which we’ve streamlined and reinvented for the home cook.

Recipe Development: Chorizo and Black Bean Chimichangas

A Great Introduction to Regional Specialties from Oaxaca to Yucatán

Not only is this book packed with familiar favorites, but it will also introduce you to some of the many authentic regional dishes that make Mexican cuisine so unique. By eliminating hard-to-find ingredients and tricky techniques, we’ve created recipes that taste just as good as the traditional versions—without all the fuss.

Recipe Development: Tomatillo and Pinto Bean Nachos

Get to Know the Flavors of Mexico with Authentic Street Foods

Street foods are a huge part of Mexican food culture—not to mention their
growing popularity in the United States. In this book, we went beyond tacos:
You’ll find everything from foolproof Mexican street corn slathered with a
creamy, cheesy sauce to crisp, crunchy tostadas topped with tender shredded
pork carnitas.

Gorditas with Chicken with Pickled Onion and Cabbage Filling

A Primer on Mexican Home Cooking

Since many people are intimidated by the ingredients and techniques that define this cuisine, we‘ve included plenty of invaluable resource information on cooking Mexican food at home. An introduction to chiles demystifies this powerhouse ingredient, explaining how to buy them, toast them, and more. Explanations of other key ingredients like spices, vegetables, and cheeses describe how each ingredient is used, as well as offer acceptable substitutes.

Let America’s Test Kitchen be your guide to making deeply flavored Mexican
dishes at home. In The Best Mexican Recipes, you’ll find appetizers, soups and stews, authentic egg dishes, tacos and tamales, burritos and enchiladas, and all manner of meat and seafood dishes. Not only will you be able to cook amazingly flavorful Mexican food, but you’ll cook with confidence.

Mexican COVER LAYOUT;35.indd

  • Publication Date: April 15, 2015
  • 328 pages, paperback
  • 175 recipes, 85 full-page photos, four-color throughout
  • $26.95 (list price)
  • ISBN 978-1-936493-97-5